Resonance Tuning and Self-Healing

This article was first published in the International Journal of Healing and Caring –
On line ( January 2003, Volume 3, No. 1, p.1-7

Alan Handelsman, MM, CHt


Resonance Tuning is a process that was discovered in the mid 1990s as one way to balance biological energy fields. While there is no objective evidence that this is being accomplished, the clinical results that many people are getting are consistent with the theory. Using a Resonance Tuner in the form of a small card, people can take a more active role in their own healing, whether physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual.

This article briefly reviews how the process was developed, based on another process the author first encountered in 1978. The second part of the article contains feedback from people who have used the Tuner in the four and a half years since it first became available. The comments represent a cross section of many different areas in which the Tuner has been valuable as a tool for healing, both by itself and in conjunction with other healing modalities.

All quotes are unpublished personal communications to the author.


The Resonance Tuner is a tool that many people have used to help themselves with a wide variety of problems. The Resonance Tuner™ has proven effective with allergic reactions, physical pains and tensions, emotional issues, stress and even spiritual issues.

I find it helpful to picture any issue or situation as a wheel, around which are physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual positions or aspects, among others. Any change to one aspect of the wheel changes all the others. Healing works best when the wheel is approached at the place that will do the most good. Often it helps to enter the wheel, in turn at more than one place for maximal effect. Sometimes addressing one aspect affects other aspects so profoundly, it is like working on more than one aspect simultaneously.

With Resonance Tuning, the wheel is approached at the energetic level and may have effects on all the other areas. It can be a valuable complement when joined with physical, emotional, or spiritual modalities of healing.

The Tuner is valuable because people can use it themselves, either as their primary modality or in addition to other self-healing approaches. This helps people feel that they can contribute to their own healing.


A journey of healing may begin in unusual ways and places. The Resonance Tuning story starts in Jackson Heights, New York in January, 1978. I started studying flute with Harold Bennett, a world famous performer and teacher.

The first thing Mr. Bennett did was to play my flute. He played with the flute facing North and South and then with the flute facing East and West. In one direction, the sound and response of the flute was full, resonant and consistent. In the other directions, the flute sounded dull, out of tune and very different.

He then performed three or four similar tests and the flute responded differently in each of those tests. I could clearly hear the difference in the response and sound of the flute. I only remember two of these other tests that Bennett did. The flute comes in three pieces. One of the tests involved changing the direction that each piece was twisted to join it with the other pieces. For instance, the flute played differently when the top piece was turned toward the player, and when the piece was turned away. For another test, Bennett played a couple of loud, ugly sounding notes. After that, the flute responded poorly until it was homogenized.

However, Mr. Bennett then picked up a hand-held electrical massager, an appliance found in any drug store. However, it was no ordinary massager; he told me that he had “modified” it. Not knowing what this meant, I watched him hold the flute next to the massager in about three different places. When he was finished, he performed the same tests he had done before.

This time the flute responded consistently in tune, with a very good sound, no matter what he did to it. When I played the flute, I noticed an improvement in its sound and response. There was no denying the change.

Bennett called what he did “homogenization,” He said that he was changing the “molecular polarization.” In a way, it makes sense that if all the molecules are moving in the same direction, there would be less obstructions to the air moving through the instrument. A nice theory, but it didn’t tell me how he had managed to get those results.

Harold was happy to homogenize anyone’s instrument for a nominal fee. A lot of people didn’t believe that homogenization really worked, and Harold received his share of ridicule. People laughed at me when I told them the story. I felt that I had the last laugh, because I knew that my instruments played better than the ones that belonged to the people who were laughing at me! For that reason, and because I knew it wouldn’t do any good, I never argued with anyone, or tried to convince them that homogenization was “real.”

During the four years I studied with Harold we often talked about homogenization, but he never told me how he modified the massager. Since he was not a young man, I once asked him what would happen to the “secret” of homogenization after he passed away. All he would say was that he had made plans for the knowledge to be passed on.

Nothing more happens in this story until around 1990. At about this time I began learning about the Callahan Techniques, later called Thought Field Therapy. These are techniques that include activating areas on acupuncture meridians to effect changes in emotions. These techniques do not use needles, but are applied by the subject to herself as pressure at the acupuncture points. Finding it very effective in eliminating my own stage fright, I began using it with a few of my music students.

One of my adult students, “Steve,” was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but because he was so tense when he played, he sounded terrible. One day, I decided to use a little tapping to relieve some of Steve’s tension. After tapping, he sounded much better. What struck me was that the difference in the sound of his saxophone was exactly what I would have expected if it had been homogenized. I immediately knew that what we were doing with a person’s energy by tapping, Harold was doing with the energy of the instrument using homogenization.

By this time, Harold had passed away, as had his widow, to whom I had grown very close. The only person who would know about homogenization would be Harold‚Äôs daughter, “Joan.” I called Joan and told her that I thought that homogenization had more implications than just making musical instruments play better. I was sure there could be other ways to apply it for benefits that hadn’t been considered.

Joan offered to talk to me about it the next time I was in town. When I visited her and we talked, however, Joan was not forthcoming. She didn’t want to tell me anything about the process. I told her that I wasn’t in this to get rich, or to take anything that didn’t belong to me and that I wouldn’t tell anyone else what she told me. Still, she volunteered little information and gave me cryptic answers to my questions.

My wife, Anita, and I left Joan’s house at 4 A.M without any straight answers, only clues. On the way home, Anita and I pooled the information we had and I came up with a procedure that I thought Harold might have done.

At home, I started doing tests with flutes and other musical instruments and achieved changes I would have expected if Harold had homogenized them. I didn’t know how I could put this process to further use, but for now it was just fun getting instruments to play better. I even discovered how to modify a massager to do the process the way I’d seen Harold do it. I didn’t know if I was doing it exactly like Harold, but I figured I was close.

In June, 1994 I took training with Dr. Roger Callahan. He introduced us to the concept of energy toxins, something that one came into contact with that caused a disruption in the energy field. Another term he used was energy sensitivity. If someone was sensitive to something and that thing was nearby, then the tapping techniques he used would not work.

Anything can be an energy toxin, including foods, clothing material, soaps, jewellery and anything else that a person can touch, ingest or even smell. Common energy toxins for different people are corn, wheat, dairy products, eyeglasses, soaps, dust, eggs, metals and even toothpaste.

At the time, the only solution Callahan had was to eliminate the toxin itself. However, I knew that the process I had rediscovered, which I now called Resonance Tuning, could help.

Muscle testing was used to find energy toxins. When someone tested weak, I could ‚”Tune” whatever the object was that we were testing and the muscle test would then be strong. After that, I had the opportunity to test the Tuner on people who had actual physical reactions such as to foods and other things. In many cases, people could then eat or come in contact with these things and the physical reactions, such as hives, would not happen, or would be greatly reduced.

Someone then asked, “If you can Tune things, why not Tune people?” The first trial was with my mother, who happened to be visiting and had a pain in her shoulder. She had seen a few doctors, who hadn’t found anything wrong. I held the Tuner over her shoulder for about a minute and her pain was gone. After this, I started experimenting with many different applications of the Tuner. It worked on physical, emotional and even spiritual issues. Tuning did not work all the time. But very often, when it worked, the results were dramatic.

Now it was time to put the Resonance Tuning process into a form that people could easily use. The hand held massager idea was not the best way to go. The first and still most popular form was simply a card, about the size of a credit card. I found that I was able to “modify” the card the same way Harold modified the massager, and it worked for others as well as myself.

Below are some of the many reports I’ve received over the years about the Resonance Tuner. Some results are more typical than others, but all of them were achieved by people using the card for themselves, without my help.

Physical Responses

Successes with physical pains such as headaches, muscle pains, bee stings and assorted injuries are commonplace. For instance, Barbara Miller, a physician from Germany writes, “I have severe migraines that do not respond to Energy Techniques. Twice now I have experienced drastic relief by holding the RT to the hurting temple and forehead for a total of about 15 minutes.”

Miller also writes about another common use for the Tuner. “For over 3 weeks now I have had an awful head cold with no improvement. Four nights ago I decided to put the RT under my pillow – I felt much better the next morning and even better after the second night. The third morning I was much worse again. I looked under the pillow – and the Tuner was not there – it had fallen under the bed and I remembered this little sound as I was falling asleep the night before…… This last night, I made sure it was under the pillow again and bingo! – I feel a lot better again (this is a little scary, I admit).”

Another comment I received in October, 2002 from Nona Baker: “I’ve been wearing your tuners since I met you in May, 2001. I came up with the idea of laminating them which makes them last longer. I wear one in my prosthesis (mastectomy in 1992) and one around my right breast. About 10 months ago (early January) I became ill with a very bad cold. I elected to try out a new protocol (Body Talk) which uses alternative methods of healing. When I was there, I found that my left side (where I wore the tuner) was fine but my right side (without Tuner) was not. My liver, right lung, right kidney, etc were very much involved in the illness. After 2nd treatment, all symptoms were gone! But, more importantly, I immediately ordered another tuner, laminated it and have been wearing it on the right side ever since. I have had no further colds (which always go into my chest area). I normally will have 2-3 colds a year which always end up in my chest. More importantly, my breast cancer has not returned! Needless to say I am very grateful for this discovery.”

>From Carole Damon: “Alan mailed me two Resonance Tuners about 5 years ago when I was about to undergo chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer. I put them in my pockets as I went through six months of chemo. I managed without having to take any medication for sickness following each treatment. I did get tired, but this was tolerable.”

“I subsequently used the cards while undergoing a stem cell transplant and was told that I had the fewest side affects of anyone who had had the transplant before me. In all fairness, I need to tell you I also had hands on healing from a certified healer during this time, as well.”

“When I began 6 weeks of everyday double radiation a few months later, I did not have any of the side affects that they warned me would happen, including skin burning.”

“Do the cards work? Well, I wouldn’t want to try treatment of any kind without them.”

Very often, the relief from physical pain helps people sleep better. The following comment is from Hillary Jupp from the U.K. “I used it myself for a stiff neck, which worked very well, and my husband has been using it each night strapped to his knee. He tore the cruciate ligaments in a waterski accident years ago and the knee is very painful, particularly when he is lying down, but it has got so much better since he has been using the RT that he has been able to sleep normally.”

I have used the Tuner myself not only when I’ve had trouble falling asleep, but also when I’m driving long distances to help keep me awake.


Unlike many healers, I have never come very close to losing my life. No serious diseases, accidents, or conditions. However, I’ve always felt like my life was in danger. I don’t think there was ever a danger at all from anything specific. That may have made it easier to deal with. I just remember a sense in my house that the world was a dangerous place, and that if anything was going to happen, things would get worse. As a consequence, my work is more concerned with people’s emotional health.

There are many ways the Tuner can help with emotional issues. Some people report they wear the Tuner in a pocket or bra and feel less stressed during the day. I have used the Tuner to help keep me calm during airplane turbulence and sometimes in private sessions with clients.

>From B. W. who suffered from fear of flying: “I wore the card on a plane trip and the trip did not feel nearly so debilitating to me as usual. In fact, I talked to my mother when I got home and she said she had never heard me sound so good after a trip. And I hadn’t told her anything about the tuner or how I was feeling.”

“When I need a ‘boost’ of energy, it also seems to help me to hold the card between my palms for a few minutes.”

Martha Delafield writes: “I had a rather transformational experience with your Tuner the other week, around an issue that has been torturing me (not much of an exaggeration, it’s been really bad) for years. I had the tuner ‘close to my chest‚’ as it were, right where the anxiety/other tortuous feelings resided, and as I meditated, I felt that knot just fly right out. It felt like it flew, actually. It was very cool. And it led to other revelations and resolutions, which as a whole has just been HUGE!!!”


From Debbie Vajda: “I’ve been struggling with a sugar addiction for a few years now. I’ve cut down a lot on my cookie, candy, cake, etc. eating, but I’m not ‘abstinent’ and the cravings continue. For thirty years I’ve also had one to two Pepsi’s per day. Whenever I’ve done any work on this sugar problem, I’ve always considered my Pepsi consumption off limits. I didn’t deem it to be that much of a problem, but in truth I’m sure it kept my sugar craving going.”

“There were chocolate chip cookies at the training. After eating one and holding the tuner near a cookie briefly, sure enough, I didn’t have to eat any more. But, to my amazement, I discovered I then had an interest in tuning my pepsi.”

“Even if it didn’t work, simply the fact that I had become willing to tune the Pepsi was truly amazing to me. And in fact it has worked. I had a few sips for each of the next three days and nothing at all in the week since then. It’s clear that not everyone who tunes a chocolate chip cookie is going to have this result. But I did, and it’s certainly made a believer out of me.”

Allergic Reactions

These comments from Wayne McCleskey are typical: “I have tried it on a number of things and while the results are not miraculous every time, some of the time they are! I tuned some red wine for a friend who had been breaking out after drinking red wine. He very cautiously drank some and then next morning had not a single side effect! My wife had itchy eyes and tried several over the counter medications until I tuned her, and then didn’t need any longer.”


This example is third hand and is not typical of the comments I receive, but it does show that the path of healing isn’t always direct. From Debbie Vajda:

“Today I also saw a client for whom I’d bought a tuner. Near the end of the session, I asked her how it was going. She casually told me the following amazing story. She had lent it to her boyfriend two weeks ago. He lay down and put it on his forehead for about five minutes. I’m not sure with what intention – my understanding was that he just wanted to see what would happen, but I’m not sure.”

“He got a peaceful feeling. Then he saw light and an angel. It was a very spiritual experience for him. After being an atheist for the last 10-15 years, he believed in God again.”

“He’s always had an empty void/loneliness. He doesn’t have it any more and now feels that God is always there.”

“He’s begun writing. This inspired my client to begin drawing and painting again, for the first time in years.”

“Pretty good for a five minute tuning, don’t you think?”


One more comment from Martha Delafield illustrates the possible range of Resonance Tuning.

“I also tried it with one of my sons, who has had a bad stutter.

[Callahan’s] Voice Technology, then later EFT, pretty much took care of it, but we did need to clear a number of sensitivities. After a while, I noticed that the stutter was returning somewhat, and so I had my son hold the Tuner next to the bowl of chocolate chip ice cream that he was eating, on a hunch. I’ve noticed since then that he hasn’t stuttered nearly as much and we haven’t been doing much EFT or collarbone breathing [??] any more either. It was so painless! I’m almost afraid to believe it.”


While there have been no scientific studies done, many people find that the Tuner helps them take an active role in whatever healing needs to be done, and with satisfactory results.

It seems that the Tuner is more than placebo, suggestion, or some form of self-deception. The Tuner had been used with animals, and even inanimate objects. When I work with others using the Tuner, I never tell them it will do anything. The furthest I go is to say, “Let’s see what happens.” And when people tell me it was just positive suggestion, I ask them, “When I was using the Tuner, did you really think anything was going to happen?” Without exception, they shake their head and answer, “No!”

I have never considered doing a study, for two reasons. First, I have no training in research of any kind. Second, any study would be much more credible if someone else did it, because results can be influenced by the people doing the study. I’d have too much as stake to make any positive results believable.

A while ago, I discovered how I could slightly modify the process of making the Tuner, and have come up so far with two other versions. They were not conceived to do anything different. They were simply experiments in changing the process. People who have been introduced to the new prototypes have noticed differences in the “feel” of the different Tuners. One of them has several times been perceived as more powerful than the others.

Another thing I’ve done is to combine my talents as a musician with Tuning, and recorded a CD. It is solo flute, and the Resonance Tuning energy has been joined with the sound. Playing the CD can help eliminate chaos in the energy of a room or other space. People have also noticed the Tuning effects, such as relaxation, through listening. I have also found it helpful in creating and deepening hypnotic trances both for myself, and for my clients.

I believe there are many ways the Tuner energy can be of value. One of the ways it has already proven useful is working at a distance. Tuning people and things in different cities, for example. My hope is that the Tuner lands in the hands of many people who will be able to go much further than my vision allows me to go.