Tuners come in many different forms, simply for variety, and because some forms are more convenient in certain situations. That being said, all of the products are functionally the same. You can use any of the versions of the Tuner to address any problem that originally caused your interest in the Tuner.

“Original” Tuner card

cardThe Original form of the Tuner is a card, the dimensions of a credit card, but a little thinner to make it more flexible. The cards have been completely redesigned to be more aesthetically pleasing and more durable, making for less cracking and creasing.

Price: $50 including shipping in the US.  (Ask about quantity discounts.) Outside the US, please add $5 per Tuner for postage and shipping.

CD Resonance Tunes


More Than Just Music
More Than Just Relaxation

Resonance means many different things in fields as diverse as music, medicine, physics, engineering, electronics, and chemistry. In this context, increasing resonance can mean more vibrancy and richness. It also implies more harmonious relationships with the space in which you find yourself, and the things and people in it. Resonance also implies being able to accomplish more with less effort.

On this recording the sound of the flute has been merged with specific vibrational patterns that promote harmony and resonance in the environment, and in the listener. Together, the music and the inaudible Resonance Tuning™ vibrational patterns can produce noticeable effects. Some of these effects may be increased calmness, relaxation, alertness, concentration, ease and harmony with computers and other electronics, and the ability to enter into more profound altered states of mind such as contemplation, meditation, hypnosis, and introspection.

Order with MasterCard or Visa by emailing me the account number and expiration date, or by calling 602-478-8346. Some people split the credit card numbers in to 2 or 3 emails for security reasons. I’ve not heard of a problem when people do it that way.

Price: $50 including shipping in the US. Outside the US, please add $10 per CD for postage and shipping.


After the Tuner card was introduced, people began asking if they could punch a hole in one and where it around the neck. Some people liked having the Tuner energy with them, instead of simply using it at specific times. For people in high stress situations, this makes sense. That’s when the pendant Tuners were born. I choose styles that are attractive, have positive meanings associated with the design, are large enough to have a presence, or attract me personally.

They perform exactly the same function as the cards, but are more easily “worn” on the person. Some people like the feel of the pendant in the hand more than the card, but they are not as convenient to carry in a wallet.

Sample Tuner Pendants are shown below. Not all of them are in stock, and some may not be available after they are sold. The ruler on the left side of picture gives you some idea of their size.


Price: $50 including shipping in the US. Outside the US, please add $10 per Tuner for postage and shipping.

Other cards

One day a few years ago, I thought of a way to modify the process that the Tuners go through to attach the energy to the material. The idea was simply to see what would happen, and not to be able to address different issues.

What happened was that a slightly different energy appeared. I think of it as a different “flavor” of Tuner energy, like a different flavor of ice cream. Functionally, each flavor of ice cream is the same. One chooses different flavors depending mostly on personal preference.

There are two different energies that I’ve worked with so far. I call the two different “models” of the Tuner the V-2, and the Y-3. They are in the prototype stage, but they are for sale. People who are sensitive to energy, or who dowse energy, can tell a difference. Most people, I imagine, cannot. When people call or email me requesting a Tuner, I always send them the “original.”

Unless otherwise noted, all the Tuner products contain the original energy, except for the CD, which has a combination of about 5 or 6 “flavors.”

Price: $50 including shipping in the US. Outside the US, please add $5 per Tuner for postage and shipping.


Many years ago a woman told me that she wanted to be able to put the food she served her family onto Tuners during mealtimes. She wanted me to come up with Tuners in the form of placemats. So now we have Tuners that are about 8” x 11”.
Sample placemats are shown below.




For many years my wife has made beautiful necklaces and earrings from glass and crystal beads she collects from Austria, Czechoslovakia, and all over the world. We have taken these one-of-a-kind creations and turned them into Tuners. So now you can feel just as beautiful as you look!

Because they are one of a kind, the prices and availability are different for each piece. For pictures of some of Tuner bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, please go to the Resonance Tuning Facebook page.


Just about anything can be infused with Tuner energy. People have sent me rings, articles of clothing, watches, even bed sheets. So if you have a favorite piece of jewelry, clothing, toy, rock, key chain, or whatever, you can have it made into a Tuner. You can contact me, send me the article, and I will send it back to you as a Tuner. The price for this service is $50, plus shipping, depending on the size of the object.