Sometimes forever, and sometimes you may need to reapply. Like anything else, the Tuner will affect people differently, and will affect the same person differently from time to time, and from issue to issue.
I suspect that most cards will be effective forever, but of course I haven’t had time to test that. I personally have used cards for several years. If your Tuner loses its “charge” within two years, I will replace it free of charge.
I’d like you to have several Tuners on hand, because my wife and I enjoy traveling! But that isn’t necessary. I like to have one in the house, in the car, in my wallet, and one to show people. But that’s just me. Most of the time I only use one at a time, but some people find that they like to put one Tuner on each side of their body for a symmetrical Tuning.
Yes. You can even punch a hole in one and wear it around your neck. And there are Tuners in the form of pendants that are designed for that purpose. For women, there are also Tuner earrings and necklaces.
Short answer; I don’t know. To me, it contains a kind, smiling, benevolent energy that acts like an antenna acts on an old-time radio. If you are listening to a radio and the music is noisy and filled with static, you adjust the antenna. The antenna itself doesn’t change the radio or the signal coming in. After all, there is nothing wrong with either one. The antenna simply changes the relationship between the two. I suspect that sometimes “balancing energy” involves changing the relationship between two energies.
If you’ve ever hurt your leg, you may have noticed that at crutch was very useful. It helped you heal faster and better, and let you function until the healing was complete. Not a bad deal. That being said, I view the Tuner as a reflector or amplifier of our own power to heal.
I like to think of the Tuner as a mirror. We cannot look at our own ears without a mirror. They are, after all, our ears, but we can only see them clearly with the use of a mirror. Sometimes the easiest way to know our inner power is by a reflection on the outside.
Yes. You can lend it to someone, and then use it again yourself with confidence. The Tuner doesn’t seem to collect energies from the outside, so they can be used for a variety of issues by a variety of people.
I travel a lot, and those machines don’t seem to hurt the energy of the Tuner. For a subtle energy, the energy of the Tuner seems to be pretty robust. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if taking the Tuner through the x-ray machine doesn’t make the x-ray machine work better!
I think many people have, but I only know of one person for sure – myself! I almost always fall asleep on one side or the other, never on my back. One night I was tossing and turning for a long time. I finally reached onto my headboard and took the Tuner, held it in my left hand, and lay on my back to see which way I’d turn to get some sleep. Lying there on my back was the last thing I remember! So you may simply hold the Tuner and find that sleep comes more easily. Or you can simply put the Tuner under your pillow and see what happens.
Just as you won’t wear out a mirror by looking at it, you won’t use up the Tuner.
I don’t think so. I personally know of two or three people who have felt uncomfortable holding the Tuner. That’s all. If you Tune something that isn’t a problem, my guess is that something you don’t even know about will improve, or nothing at all will happen. The energy of the card seems to be extraordinarily benevolent. If you feel uncomfortable as you are Tuning, I would suggest that you simply stop using it.
If we start with the assumption that everything is energy, then it is theoretically possible to work with any issue or problem you can imagine. I often hear from people who have used the Tuner in ways I had never considered. Will it work for everything? No. There are better tools for some jobs. For instance, I still use a hammer to put a nail in wood. And nothing I’ve ever used has worked 100% of the time. But because the Tuner is so simple, easy, non-invasive and inexpensive to use, it is worth using it whenever it occurs to you. For ideas about when and how to use the Tuner, please feel free to contact me.
Yes. Someone asked me for a Tuner placemat, so we have those. Many people enjoyed the energy of the card so much that they asked me if they could punch a hole in it and wear it as a pendant. So now there are Tuners in pendant form. My wife designs glass and crystal jewelry, so there are Tuners in the form of one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, and sets of earrings. I’ve also been able to transmit Tuner™ energy through sound, so there is a CD available as well. I can also turn your favorite ring, jewelry, or object into a Tuner. For more details, visit the Products page . For even more pictures of Tuner jewelry and pendants, you can visit the Resonance Tuner Facebook page .