People Comment on the Resonance Tuner™

Energy Sensitivities

A person can be sensitive to literally anything. It doesn’t have to be something that is “bad” for you. It can be a piece of jewelry, vitamins, any food, clothing,soap, water, the sun, a person, etc.

The effects can be overt, (like getting hives when eating strawberries,) or covert. Sometimes you will make a connection, sometimes not. For instance, someone may feel tired after eating wheat. I myself found my fear of heights return after eating sugar. (Both of these specific problems have been corrected.) One very common source of energy sensitivity is the cellular phone. Almost everyone tested has been sensitive them.

Your work with me was extremely helpful in helping me overcome a reactivity to MSG. I can now eat Chinese food without worrying about having an anaphalactic reaction. I still try to avoid MSG but if there is a little mixed in I don’t have a sever asthma attack.

— Marie Green, DSW(LCSW), Utah


I have had one of your resonance tuners for a little over a month now and decided to try it a few weeks ago on a long-time problem. My hands are sensitive to pretty much everything and I have used only hypo- allergenic products for years. They are worse in the colder wetter weather that we get plenty of in the NW. I play a lot of golf and I believe the fertilizer on the grass encourages the cracking I get on my fingers and the fingertips. Anyway, I decide to tune the grass a few weeks ago, and to my surprise (I admit), my hands did not react after playing that day despite plenty of contact with wet grass and mud. Then this past week i decided to tune a bottle of Ivory dish detergent. I also did EFT tapping around my skepticism that it would work. Well, it did— absolutely no rash or dry patches as I would normally have gotten, and that has held for the past 5 days so far.

— R.G.H., Oregon


I wrote to you a few months back about using the Resonance Tuner to neutralize substances that had for many years caused rashes and cracking on my hands. I thought you might be interested in hearing about my progress since then. After somewhat tentatively using the Tuner on the first few substances (and EFT to deal with my anxiety that maybe it wouldn’t work), I began using it regularly on more substances….

Soaps are one substance that have many many forms, and previously I could not use any that weren’t hypoallergenic. After tuning or EFTing a number of different ones, it occurred to me that I probably didn’t need to worry about soaps anymore…. At this point, I feel like a “normal” person, using all kinds of things I hadn’t used in over 20 years, with no worry—and no rubber gloves. It is really quite wonderful, and I want to thank you personally for your help in getting me started down this path. Again, Alan, thanks for your Tuner and your ideas.

— R.G.H., Oregon


I started coughing (allergies) during one of my therapy sessions yesterday so I put it next to my throat. In a minute or so I stopped coughing and did not do so again. Impressive! … Thanks for your innovative work.

— E.O.,Texas


I used the Resonance tuner to take the reactivity off my friend’s metal watch. It had caused sores on her wrist. She has been sensitive to metal for years and years and the RT reversed the problem. She was able to wear her watch without a Band aid under it.

– Marie Green, DSW(LCSW), Utah


I’d been having trouble sleeping on my foam mattress pad. I placed the r tuner on it. I no longer get headaches!!!

— Mary Isabel Steele, New Mexico


Alan has done presentations and sold the tuners at the last three Power Therapies Integration Conferences in the Western US and I’ve heard quite a few “miracle stories” from people who worked with him or bought a card. I first used the card on a reaction I had to wheat at Gary Craig’s advanced seminar in February. For years I felt a certain tired feeling when I ate wheat, and I experienced that after I ate a roll at the first seminar lunch. The second day I got a card from Alan and treated a roll (the same type as the first day) before eating it. I found that I didn’t really feel like having the roll after I treated it, but I made myself eat it as part of the experiment. I didn’t experience the tiredness then and don’t appear to have that reaction any more to wheat.

— Kate Sorensen, Arizona


I tuned some red wine for a friend who had been breaking out after drinking red wine. He very cautiously drank some and then next morning had not a single side effect! My wife had itchy eyes and tried several over the counter medications until I tuned her, and then didn’t need any any longer.

— Wayne McCleskey

Pain Perception

Sometimes the perception of pain will lesson within seconds. Sometimes wearing the tuner over the painful area for a few minutes or hours will work better. Reports of headaches being reduced or eliminated are common. Other examples of the Tuner helping: redness and swelling from burns and insect bites, a chronic shoulder condition caused by sitting at the computer.

I work as an RN at a long term care facility located about an hour from Detroit, Michigan. I was assigned a female resident late this past summer who had terminal cancer. She had repeatedly mentioned to me that she was having excruciating pain in two locations of her back. Using Alan Handelsman’s Resonance Tuner, I placed the card over each area for less than two minutes over each location. The pain immediately disappeared and over the course of the remaining three months of her life, she often stated to me that, “the pain hasn’t come back.” She was very grateful for this.

I hope this is useful to you. I find that the tuner clears migraines, and other kinds of pain quickly and effectively.

— James West, RN Fort Gratiot, MI


Cut the area between my thumb and forefinger on Sunday. Very painful. Used some calendula gel. Woke up during the night – more pain – used Card on a whim. Pain subsided. What can I tell you?

— B. P., California


I also have severe migraines that do not respond to Energy Techniques. Twice now I have experienced drastic relief by holding the RT to the hurting temple and forehead for a total of about 15 minutes. I am excited about your new RTs.

— Barbara Miller, Germany


My husband “Matt,” has been complaining about a pain in the arch of one of his feet. After walking a few minutes it kicks in and is painful… He put the RT card on the side of his shoe where he felt pain and in a short time the pain went away. He forgot all about it and found the card when he took his shoes off in the evening. Isn’t this amazing?…As an extra added attraction, I used your Card on an arthritic finger weeks ago. No pain and quite a gain.

— B.P., Califronia


Received the tuner yesterday and had an opportunity to use it today. Since I don’t really have a plantable yard because of deer, I have a fenced in patio that I have filled with plants in containers. I do feed the deer and waded into the pots in order to peer over the fence to check on the supply of feed in their pans. Somehow I lost my balance and pitched forward. I knew I could really hurt myself and probably kill a few plants while I was at it. But I was able to break my fall so I didn’t land totally on my front side. However, I thought I broke my wrist and my legs didn’t feel too great either. Shock tore through my body. As soon as I got up I started tapping on my thymus while I headed indoors. Put the tuner on my wrist and did EFT. The shock was gone almost instantly and the wrist I was sure I had sprained stopped hurting within minutes. I can feel a little discomfort when I bend my wrist completely upward but no pain. Used the tuner on my legs in all the hurt places and have some light red scrape marks left. No pain. I am totally impressed.

[From the next day:] I have some banged up legs but no real pain. I’m still finding it curious that the places I put the tuner are a little swollen with skin scrapes but no bruises. The bruises are where I didn’t put the card. But none of the day after pain and swelling that is so typical of this kind of injury. I’m sold!

— Rosemarie Hazen, Oregon


I just used the card on my ankle with terrific results by putting a sock on then tucking the card into the sock which held it in perfect position on my swollen ankle.I put it on when I went to bed and then woke up at some point very early in the a.m. with the instinct to take the sock and tuner off. In the morning the swelling had gone down remarkably.

— Jan Hulme Shepard, Tennessee


I had toe surgery (re-breaking a badly healed broken toe from 1 1/2 years ago, putting in a pin, cutting tendons, etc.) last Friday. I had a rocky w/e with quite a lot of pain, and was taking Percocet “right on schedule” which is not like me. On Monday morning, it dawned on me that that’s what the resonance tuner is for (duh!!), so I tucked it jauntily under the ace bandage so it stuck out over my toe and presto…haven’t had pain since.

— P. E., Ph.D., R.N., C.S.-P., Maryland


The energy I felt from that card was so powerful, I was amazed. I held the card perhaps six inches away from my palm and I felt an intense vibrational energy coming through….

I had torn a tendon in my arm and the chronic discomfort, pain and swelling had been lingering for over two months…. Each time I would rest it directly on my arm and within 5 minutes the swelling had decreased and the pain subsided. I had the freedom of mobility return to me….

I also have used it after a major workout, and I also found that the stiffness and soreness would subside considerably.

— Marla Brucker


I had a terrible pain in my neck – probably turned wrong or did something while exercising. The pain was going down my shoulder and though I’m a stoic with regards to pain, this really hurt. Then I remembered the tuner…I perched the tuner at the back of my neck and left it while I was working at my computer. About a half hour later I took it off and noticed that the pain had diminished – a lot. Subsequently, I realized that the pain was gone!

— Sharon Toole, Canada


I used it the day after the seminar with great results. I had been doing a lot of walking in the area where I was staying and found that the muscles in my left calf were quite sore. The pain was getting really annoying as I was walking to a restaurant to have lunch. After being seated, I took the Tuner from my wallet and placed it in my sock, where the pain was. Immediately, I felt a cooling sensation and the pain was gone. I was impressed. My calf had been hurting for over a half hour and it suddenly felt fine. No massage, nothing except the Tuner.

— C.K., California


“For over 3 weeks now I have had an awful head cold with no improvement. Four nights ago I decided to put the RT under my pillow – I felt much better the next morning and even better after the second night. The third morning I was much worse again. I looked under the pillow – and the Tuner was not there – it had fallen under the bed and I remembered this little sound as I was falling asleep the night before…… This last night, I made sure it was under the pillow again and bingo! – I feel a lot better again….”

— Barbara Miller, Germany


“Alan mailed me two Resonance Tuners about 5 years ago when I was about to undergo chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer. I put them in my pockets as I went through six months of chemo. I managed without having to take any medication for sickness following each treatment. I did get tired, but this was tolerable. “I subsequently used the cards while undergoing a stem cell transplant and was told that I had the fewest side affects of anyone who had had the transplant before me. In all fairness, I need to tell you I also had hands on healing from a certified healer during this time, as well. “When I began 6 weeks of everyday double radiation a few months later, I did not have any of the side affects that they warned me would happen, including skin burning. “Do the cards work? Well, I wouldn’t want to try treatment of any kind without them.”

— Carole Damon


“I used it myself for a stiff neck, which worked very well, and my husband has been using it each night strapped to his knee. He tore the cruciate ligaments in a waterski accident years ago and the knee is very painful, particularly when he is lying down, but it has got so much better since he has been using the RT that he has been able to sleep normally.”

— Hillary Jupp, U.K


My friends who smoke crave these RTs and like to put them in their packages of cigarettes since these friends have been unable to quit smoking…Some of those who have put RTs in their cig packages have reduced the quantity of cigarettes smoked.

— Marie Green, DSW(LCSW), Utah


I’ve been struggling with a sugar addiction for a few years now. I’ve cut down a lot on my cookie, candy, cake, etc. eating, but I’m not “abstinent” and the cravings continue. For thirty years I’ve also had one to two Pepsi’s per day. Whenever I’ve done any work on this sugar problem, I’ve always considered my Pepsi consumption off limits. I didn’t deem it to be that much of a problem, but in truth I’m sure it kept my sugar craving going.

There were chocolate chip cookies at the training. After eating one, Alan suggested I tune them so I wouldn’t crave any more. After holding the Tuner near a cookie briefly, sure enough, I didn’t have to eat any more. But, to my amazement, I discovered I then had an interest in tuning my Pepsi….

As I told the group, even if it didn’t work, simply the fact that I had become willing to tune the Pepsi was truly amazing to me. And in fact it has worked. I had a few sips for each of the next three days and nothing at all in the week since then. Then, two days ago, I had a sudden interest in eating just vegetables for dinner! (This is NOT me!) And last night, even though I bought and cooked steak for my husband, I ate vegetables and rice. Vegetables for lunch today, and I’m planning to do the same tomorrow.

Its clear that not everyone who tunes a chocolate chip cookie is going to have this result. But I did, and its certainly made a believer out of me.

— Deborah Vajda, Maryland, after attending a Resonance Tuning Workshop


A month ago I did about an hour tuner demonstration/training with my energy therapy peer consultation group. Everyone worked on an issue and one woman worked on smoking cessation. I heard from her today. She smoked three cigarettes that night and none since and had a very easy withdrawal process.

— Debby Vajda, Maryland


I got your Resonance Tuner a little while ago and can’t believe how well it works…I’ve had good luck with eliminating sensitivities for myself on a number of different items…

I also tried it with one of my sons, who has had a bad stutter. Voice Technology, then later EFT, pretty much took care of it, but we did need to clear a number of sensitivities. After a while, I noticed that the stutter was returning somewhat, and so I had my son hold the RT next to the bowl of chocolate chip ice cream that he was eating, on a hunch. I’ve noticed since then that he hasn’t stuttered nearly as much, and we haven’t been doing much EFT or collarbone breathing any more either. It was so painless! I’m almost afraid to believe it. Anyway, thank you for this amazing little device….

— Martha Delafield, North Carolina


We have several toy or teacup poodlets. The smallest one is the most obnoxious. If her master gets out of sight this mutt goes berserk barking in a loud protesting yowl. It’s awful. When I got home she started this. It’s hard on the ears and the tranquility. I put the Tuner on the back of her neck under her turtleneck sweater AND SHE SHUT UP and CALMED DOWN!!!

— Marie Green, DSW(LCSW), Utah


The other thing I’ve noticed is that when I’ve used the Tuner, my cats become very snuggly and want to curl up in my arms…

— S. P., Washington


As you know sometimes the animal will often go lay right in the middle of the non-animal person. Well, this cat would try to get close to my friend and she would be worried because cats give her asthma attacks/wheezing/hives. I grabbed the cat and Tuned her….Then I carried the cat over to my friend and sat the cat on her chest. Cat sat there. Friend was very worried… VERY WORRIED (cat close to face). She waited. Cat sat there and sat there some more. Friend tried breathing deeply to see if there was any change. Nothing – no difference – she was not reacting. Her eyes were not turning red and she was not itching. Cat sat there. Hmmmmm. Friend was just fine without any reaction at all! I had checked this out with friend first and had some remedies available in case of reaction – it was not done without some precautions (breathing machine, Benadryl, injectables).

— Marie Green, DSW(LCSW), Utah


Hi Alan,
Just wanted to thank you and report the effectiveness of the tuner for our family during the last 3 weeks. My 12 year old golden retriever and best friend, Jake, died a week ago today. Before he passed on he had a lot of body problems. The tuner was more effective for him than the vets. When he was lying still, I’d put the card on his back and he’d stop panting so hard and he seemed to relax more. As I was getting more agitated about his pain levels and inablity to get around, I’d put the tuner in my pocket or bra and almost immediately calm down. I put one of the little stars that you sent me on his collar during the last 2 weeks of his life. Since his passing, I’ve been trying to beat myself up about what I should have done for him and what I shouldn’t have done. The card has helped there too. I’m tapping and willing to see that I did my best and I can let myself off the hook and just love who he was and the time we had together.

— S.Overkamp, California

Less Day to Day Stress

There are at least two ways to do this. One is by wearing the tuner in a pocket in under your clothing throughout the day. A second method is “ Tuning the day.” One person reports that he writes the day and date down on a piece of paper, and Tunes the paper. He hasn’t tried skipping a day, because all of his days have been so pleasant since he started doing it! I have been wearing the card near my heart for a few days. The situation where I work is highly charged and stressful and I believe it has helped keep me from plugging in so much. Either that or I’m having a spate of good days. Hard to say for sure….yet. I will continue to wear the card and see if the spate of good days persists!

— Mary Sheridan


I personally “wore” it most of the time and did notice …I felt more centered under stress/calmer/more focused/not quite sure how to describe it.

— J.Z., Wisconsin


More Energy While driving, etc.

Let me start by saying Thank You. Your card got me home all the way [from Fayetteville, Arkansas] to Chicago, awake and in one piece. No car trouble, no flat tires, and as soon as I felt tired I took it out with 2 1/2 hours left (and this was at about 11:30 PM) and I was fine the rest of the way. I was singing to the music, and practically dancing in my seat. It did wake me up!

— JoAnn Seckus, Illinois


I’ve been going through a terrible time. In the past year my father died, I lost my job, I left my therapist in great conflict, feeling emotionally abused, I’m running out of money, trying to start a new business, and six weeks ago, my lover of the past two years left me. And I’’ve just spent a week at a conference where both my therapist and my lover were in my face every day. Today I was feeling particularly rough – got fed up with lying in bed crying and got up being bitchy and irritable instead. Finally I got the brilliant idea of sticking an RT down the front of my bra. I’ve been feeling great ever since – better than I’ve felt in six weeks. I never want to be without it – or maybe I should trust that I’m now tuned, and set it aside until I need it again. Thank you and the universe for this particular deliverance from misery.

– Susan Courtney, England


“I wore the card on a plane trip and the trip did not feel nearly so debilitating to me as usual. In fact, I talked to my mother when I got home and she said she had never heard me sound so good after a trip. And I hadn’t told her anything about the tuner or how I was feeling. “When I need a ‘boost’ of energy, it also seems to help me to hold the card between my palms for a few minutes.”

– B. W. (who suffered from fear of flying)


I had a rather transformational experience with your Tuner the other week, around an issue that has been torturing me (not much of an exaggeration, it’s been really bad) for years. I had the tuner “close to my chest” as it were, right where the anxiety/other tortuous feelings resided, and as I meditated, I felt that knot just fly right out. It felt like it flew, actually. It was very cool. And it led to other revelations and resolutions, which as a whole has just been HUGE!!!”

– Martha Delafield

Working with Computers

Well I’m sitting in front of my computer after having Tuned it last night and this afternoon….For the first time since I’ve been using a computer I feel perfectly calm, at peace and am not experiencing any nervous energy. It’s weird. Good, but weird.

— S. P., Washington


This is not a people healing story. Yesterday I got a computer notice to upgrade my crash guard so got out my 3 disks to do that. Everything was fine until disk #3 and I kept getting a notice that the disk drive was empty. Happened several times – took it out and reinserted it, etc. Finally I thought well why not and held the Tuner over the disk and then pointed it at the disk drive and reinserted. Yep – it worked.

— Rosemarie Hazen, Oregon


I keep one of the cards on my computer and seem to experience less fatigue than before. In fact, I was just a little shocked to realize that I’ve been sitting here for ten hours today…

— Kate Sorensen , Arizona


This example is third hand and is not typical, but it does show that the path of healing isn’t always direct.

From Debbie Vajda:

“Today I also saw a client for whom I’d bought a tuner. Near the end of the session, I asked her how it was going. She casually told me the following amazing story. She had lent it to her boyfriend two weeks ago. He lay down and put it on his forehead for about five minutes. I’m not sure with what intention – my understanding was that he just wanted to see what would happen, but I’m not sure. “He got a peaceful feeling. Then he saw light and an angel. It was a very spiritual experience for him. After being an atheist for the last 10-15 years, he believed in God again.

“He’s always had an empty void/loneliness. He doesn’t have it any more and now feels that God is always there.

“He’s begun writing. This inspired my client to begin drawing and painting again, for the first time in years.

“Pretty good for a five minute tuning, don’t you think?”


What else can you think of?

I have used the card myself to help me fall asleep at night, and to help another young boy get over feeling carsick. One evening we were visiting friends who have a baby. After Tuning the baby’s medicine, she no longer put up a fuss or cried about taking it. We planned to go out and our overhead garage door would not open, the power was on, the motor buzzed. We manually opened the door to drive the car in and out. That nite John taped the Engery Card over the push button in the garage and left it till the next morning, Monday Oct. 11. John went to the garage and pushed the button with the card on and the overhead door opened, it also sounded better. He removed the Energy card and the door still worked. Thanks! What ever this is Thank you.

— F.H., Arizona


I had a great result with them the other day. A really strange case where a 3yr old boy kept waking himself up 20 times a night with vivid dreams where he would shout and move around till he woke. Well the card under his pillow did the trick, and his parents are very grateful towards you.

— Alexander Pfeffer, California

I got your Resonance Tuner yesterday, and immediately put it to use. I’ve always suspected some substance sensitivities, were causing some of my issues with depression and anxiety. Yesterday, I tuned coffee, which I was addicted to. It always made me more tired, but despite using EFT on it, I couldn’t shake the cravings. So after 1.5 minutes of tuning it, I drank it, and didn’t really feel anything different. I also put the RT on top of my head (the Crown Chakra), to allow whatever’s in the tuner to enter. Right away, I felt a weird feeling in my brain. I could actually feel that it was doing something, but I didn’t know what. I tuned my vitamins, chocolate, and my after-shave.

This morning, I woke up feeling instantly good, emotionally. It was like a dark cloud had lifted overnight. I did my usual morning EFT tapping, and felt great, with no depression at all. I’m living in a Special Care Home, so the employees must come into my room to clean. The woman who came in, I had been holding a grudge against her for a long time and I refused to talk to her, because she had pissed me off one time too many. This morning, I caught myself facing her, and effortlessly talking to her like she was my best friend! The fact that she had done so many very offensive things, that I would rather turn my back to her, and ignore her completely; never even crossed my mind. I stopped talking and said “Wooow! What the heck just happened?”, inside my mind talking to myself. The Resonance Tuner was the only thing different that I had done since yesterday. So whatever it did to me, I don’t know how, but I don’t care. All I know is that my black cloud has lifted, and now when I EFT tap on myself, I feel that the tapping is penetrating to a deeper level of myself. Also, the coffee that I had to have every morning, I noticed that it was one hour past my usual time to get caffiened up. And I didn’t want one. That’s pretty friggin cool!

— S. Ouellette, Canada

Dear Alan,

I am the owner of a resonance tuner which I purchased from you some time ago and thought you would be interested in the following. I have recently returned from visiting family in Canada.

On the plane from London Gatwick to Toronto, I was sitting next to a lady who said that she was dreading the time when the plane was due to start descending prior to landing as she got the most awful pains in her ears. I fished out my tuner and told her that it might be able to help her. “I`ll try anything”, she said. So she held the tuner near her right ear all the time the plane was descending until it landed. As she handed it back to me she said that she hadn`t felt any pain at all and that it was the first time in years that that had happened. She also said that she was very skeptical as to whether it would work but was now a believer.

I was at the restaurant at the local golf club with my sister, brother-in-law and two friends and was telling them about the tuner which I already owned. One of the friends said, “Do you think it will do anything for my finger. I have been bitten (the blackfly were in force there at the time) and it itches like mad. I have been scratching my finger under the table all evening.” So I put the tuner about one inch above her finger for about two minutes and lo and behold the itching stopped, never to return.

Whilst I was in Canada as you know, I rang you and bought two pendants and a tuner card for my sister and for the friend whose finger was bitten by the blackfly. Also a pendant and tuner to be delivered to England. We are very pleased with the pendants and I want to thank you for sending them and the cards so promptly both to my sister and to me.
Since I have been home my sister emailed me and said that my brother-in-law had been bitten by a mosquito (he is their prime target) so straight-away they held their tuner over the bite and were amazed to see the swelling go down and no sign of the bite remain. No itching either.

Thank you Alan.

Norma McGuckin
United Kingdom

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